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How to Avoid Hurdles While Buying Property in Singapore

Buying a property always comes with a few added risks. But these are not unavoidable. If one proceeds thoughtfully, the process will be hassle-free.

The Property Agent

The first major step is to consult a Sg property agent. The experience of the agent is required to predict the market. The agent will guide you through the twists of all the legal procedures.

After the agent has prepared a list of properties suiting your needs, it is necessary to visit the places. Observe every aspect and move ahead only if you are absolutely satisfied with it.

Sg property

Sg property

Option to Purchase

Ask for an option to purchase from the seller. It gives you 14 days to consider buying the property without having to worry about it getting sold. It also allows you to take a last look at the property before the transaction. It can be procured by paying 1 percent of the total value of the property. Payment has to be done in cash.

Filing for Property Tax

To avoid legal hassles after buying the property, one must file for Property Tax. It has to be done annually. The amount is around 10 percent of estimated rent value. If you want to use it yourself, the calculation is done with ‘annual value’ in place of estimated rent. In such a case, a concession of 4 percent can be asked for.

With these few safeguards, your dream Sg property will be in your hands in a short time and without any unnecessary hassles.

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Benefits of Using Real Estate Agent

Who is a Real Estate Agent:

A real estate agent or a realtor is the one who helps you out in buying or selling your Singapore real estate or Singapore condo. They are experienced people who will know what is the best for you if you are a novice in the matter. Not only that there are a number of benefits that you are bound to get when you are using a realtor for your Singapore condo transactions.

What are the pros?

They help in simplification of the process if it is too complicated. Yes, he will help you in the understanding of the whole thing and clear it out to you whether the deal is suitable for you or not.

Saves you from getting exploited- Now that is a catch, isn’t it? If you are going to finalize a deal without having a specific idea on the subject then it is possible that you will be exploited by the other party. But if a realtor intermediates then it is very unlikely that these things will occur.

He does the talking for you. If you are the sort of a person who is not good at communicating, then having a realtor definitely solves the problems.

He reaches the goal on your behalf- All you have to do is to just let him know what you expect and then he will finalize the deals all by himself keeping in mind your requirements. Thus, you always have the option to sit back when he does the work for you.

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Singapore Real Estate- Buying Procedure

Why you should be Careful?

The buying procedure of Singapore property is generally quite complicated but if you follow the methodical steps then they might not seem as complicated as they look. The buying should be systematic in order to have the transactions neatly. So here are some steps that you should abide by to buy your desired property.
Things to do:

Go for a single agent: This is suggested so that you do not get confused by different working patterns of different realtors. Choose the one who has experience and can help you in the best manner.

Decide relocation and the budget first- This saves time because you do not have to roam about looking at estates with unfavorable locations and prices which you cannot pay. Tell these details to your realtor so that he may take out the best deals suitable for you.

Pay for the Buyer’s Stamp Duty and the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty, as it is a part of the procedure.

Offer to purchase- Do this with ample time in and so that you can go for negotiations. In this way, you can save up a bit. When both the parties agree promise the deal and get the final procedure started.

Then apply for the loan to pay the lump some money to grab your Singapore Property and then, go for the transactions with the seller. A receipt must be taken from the person who is selling for security reasons.

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